f you have a question regarding our delivery services, please read through our Questions & Answers below – you might find that other customers have had the same questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

It’s awkward for me to be in all day, can you tell me what time my Parcel will be collected?
Collection can be anytime between 9am and 6pm – unfortunately we are unable to specify collection or delivery times as this will depend on when the delivery/collection driver is in the area. If you are unable to be at the address for the full day, then perhaps you could arrange an alternative collection address eg. your workplace or a neighbour’s house.

Can I send to a PO Box or a BFPO address?
We cannot send to any PO Box addresses in the UK, but we are able to send to PO Boxes outwith the UK, providing a contact telephone number is provided. We are unable to send to any BFPO addresses worldwide.

Can I leave the parcel in a shed or a porch for collection?
Please do not leave your parcel unattended for collection. All collections and deliveries require a signature and the parcel must be handed to the driver. In addition, couriers are not authorised to enter your property or outbuilding in order to help themselves to your parcel (even with your permission).

Can I drop the parcel in at the depot?
Routinely no, however if you do have no other collection option, please contact our customer service team – we may be able to speak to the depot directly for you and arrange for you to do so. The sorting hubs and depots are strictly controlled areas due to health and safety regulations covering the large volumes of parcels and vehicles entering and using them. The depots are not built for the purposes of customers dropping off parcels through the day, and that is why our couriers collect from you at the address you provide.

Can the driver call me before collection?
Drivers are making in the region of 70 drops per day and often don’t have company mobile phones – it is therefore not possible for them to phone customers and wait at the collection address.

What if I’m not in when the driver turns up to collect?
If the driver turns up to collect the parcel and there is no-one there, or there is no parcel to collect then a non-collection fee is payable.

The driver hasn’t turned up yet and it’s 5pm…
Collections occur during normal business hours, so the driver could turn up any time up until 6pm – it depends when the driver is in your area. If you are concerned about your collection, please contact us onwards and we will check with the delivery depot for you.

The driver hasn’t collected my parcel. What should I do now?
We firstly apologies for any inconvenience caused. Failed collections are very rare but sometimes this can happen when a driver is unable to find an address, becomes stuck in traffic, is delayed at other houses or has a vehicle break-down. We do have very few issues with non-collection however if this does happen to you, please contact us immediately. We will then re-arrange the collection for you at your earliest convenience.

The website says my parcel will be delivered by the ‘end of the day’. When is the ‘end of the day’?
Your parcel could be delivered any time up until 6pm – it depends when the driver is in your area. If you are concerned about your collection, please contact us and we will check with the delivery depot for you.

What if the recipient is not in when the driver delivers the parcel?
If the recipient is not in when the driver delivers the parcel, depending on the carrier, further attempts will be made to deliver. Following further delivery attempts, a card will be left by the driver with contact details of the nearest courier depot. The recipient can then call to re-arrange delivery of the item or to arrange to collect it from the depot.

What if I don’t have a printer?
It is a requirement of the couriers that the documents (address labels, shipping labels and all other necessary documentation) we provide are printed and attached to your parcels BEFORE your collection. You do therefore require a printer for this purpose. If you do not print and attach the necessary documentation before the courier arrives, they may not collect your parcel. Please note that you would still be charged for the shipment. If you, or the person at the collection address does not have access to a printer, perhaps the documentation could be printed at a local library, neighbour’s house or place of work. If you’re unable to do so, we do have shipping options available to you – please contact us for further information.

Why are shipping labels required?
Shipping labels are vitally important when sending your parcel as they allow the carrier and yourself to track the whereabouts of a parcel from collection to delivery. Your parcel can only be identified by these shipping labels – please ensure you securely attach all labels to your parcel. We would also advise that you hand-write the delivery address onto your box as well, in case your shipping label becomes loose at any point during transit.

Can I hand-write my address labels?
We provide your shipping labels upon completion of your order – please print these labels and attach these to your parcels. Failure to use the documentation provided will risk additional charges.

If you handwrite the labels, there is the possibility of the couriers not being able to read your handwriting – this does often result in incorrect and late deliveries. We would ask all customers to use the printed address labels provided by our system, in order to ensure the smooth delivery of your parcels. A hand-written address label can also be attached to the box in case the shipping label falls off at any point during transit.

What does ‘Prohibited’ mean?
Certain items cannot be carried by our couriers – these items are ‘prohibited items’ and items which are not suitable to be sent through a parcel network. Prohibited items fall outwith the LogisticsEpress  terms and conditions of carriage and are NOT ALLOWED to be booked through the website. Please check if your item is on the ‘Prohibited Items’ list before booking your collection.

What does ‘Own Risk’ mean?
There are certain items which are exempt from any Loss/Damage Cover offered – these items are described as ‘Own Risk Items’. Any Loss/Damage Cover purchased will be void and no claim can be made. Please check if your item is on the ‘Own Risk Items’ list before booking your collection. If your item is an own risk item, it means that your packaging will need to be very strong to protect the item during transit.

How can I track my parcel?
Using the Parcel Tracking on the LogisticsEpress  website, you can track your parcel from collection through to delivery. You can enter your LogisticsEpress  tracking number on the homepage of our website.

What is the Cut Off time for Same Day Collection when booking online?
Online bookings for Same Day Collections have a cut off time of 11am. Bookings made before 11am ensure a same day collection and will be processed. There may however be some exceptions with remote areas in which drivers may only cover the route once, dropping off and collecting at the same time for convenience.
Please note that for all bookings made after 11am, the collection date will automatically be altered on the booking form to the next working day.
Some UK collection postcodes may have the possibility of booking after 11am for a sameday collection. This can be arranged by contacting our customer service team by telephone – they will be happy to advise you if this is possible or not.

I don’t know the postcode of the person that I am sending the parcel to. Can I still book online?
In order to receive an accurate quotation, we need to know the collection and delivery postcodes for your order. If you don’t know the postcode you require, it can easily be checked. The Royal Mail website offers a free postcode look up which as a private individual you may use as a free service to lookup postcodes for personal use. If you’re looking for an international postcode, we would suggest searching for the address online. If you require any assistance in finding postcodes, please do not hesitate to contact LogisticsEpress  team.

My business is registered overseas – can I apply to have VAT suppressed on my online bookings?
Yes you can indeed apply to have VAT suppressed on your online bookings. If you own a business which is VAT registered outwith the UK, but in another EU Member Country and wish to pay your VAT locally rather than in the UK, please send us your application form. We aim to process all applications within 2 business days.

Why do I need a printer?
It is a requirement of the couriers that the documents (address labels, shipping labels and all other necessary documentation) we provide are printed and attached to your parcels BEFORE your collection. You do therefore need a printer for this purpose. If you do not print and attach the necessary documentation before the courier arrives, they may not collect your parcel. Please note that you would still be charged for the shipment.

I did not receive my confirmation email…
Booking confirmation emails/receipts are sent out automatically by our system upon completion of your order. The main reasons for non-receipt of this email are;
– An incorrect email address has been entered during the booking process
– The confirmation email has gone straight into the spam/junk folder
If your confirmation email does not arrive, please contact us.

I made a mistake when booking online. How do I change this?
If you make a mistake online, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to amend your booking for you.

What if I have entered incorrect address details during the booking process and a delivery attempt has been made?
It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide on your booking is accurate. If you do provide incorrect address details during the booking process and require an ‘address correction’ then additional charges will occur. The address details given during the booking process will appear on your shipping labels. If there is an incorrect address then the courier may have difficulty in finding the correct location for collection or delivery, therefore delaying your shipment.

What is volumetric weight?
The volumetric weight is a calculation which reflects the density of your parcel. The quotations provided on the website will be based on either the actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is greater) – our system automatically prices your shipments based on the dimensions you enter. The volumetric calculation will vary depending on the carrier being used to ship your parcel.

Volumetric Calculation:
Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) divided by 5000 = volumetric weight KG

The website is saying that my parcel is too large for the website, what should I do?
Please check that you have entered your parcel dimensions in centimetres (cm) and not millimetres (mm). If no quotations are being shown for your booking, please contact our customer service team – they will be able to advise you further. LogisticsEpress , a complete logistics supermarket, we will have alternative services available for your items.

What happens if my booking is grossly inaccurate or misleading?
If more parcels are sent than are booked, or if the parcels are bigger or heavier than disclosed on the booking form, then surcharges will apply. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information provided at the booking stage is accurate.

It is for this reason that we provide a dedicated customer service line so that you can contact us regarding any concerns or questions that you may have. If you are unsure in any way at all about the information you are including in your parcel booking please contact us and remember that we always have other service options which may suit your parcel.

What happens if my parcel weights more than I stated?
If your parcel weighs more than you stated, your item may be subject to delays, returned to you, and you will be charged an additional fee. Alternatively, it may be transferred onto the freight parcel service where you will be charged an additional delivery charge for the more expensive transit option. Please therefore ensure that you enter the weights and dimensions of your parcels accurately.

What type of items can I not send in a parcel?
You cannot send any items described as Prohibited or Hazardous. In addition there are other items which can be carried but which will be exempt from LogisticsEpress  Loss/Damage cover, termed ‘Own Risk Items‘. Please ensure you read this information before shipping your parcels.

Can I send food in my parcels?
Yes, you can send food in your parcels as long as it is “non-perishable”. You are not able to send “perishable” food such as meat. Any non-perishable food items are classed as own risk items and are not covered for any loss or damage.

Does my item need to be boxed?
Yes it does. Your parcel should be suitably protected and encased in a durable double-walled cardboard box, jiffy bag/padded envelope. Any shipments which are not boxed could incur additional charges. Packing in bin liners and other types of plastic bags is not appropriate. If you would like some further guidance on packaging, please read through our Packaging Advice.

Can I tie my parcels together?
Please do not strap/tie your parcels together. If you are sending multiple parcels, all parcels must be labelled and shipped separately. Compensation will not be paid for parcels which have gone missing after being given to the carrier attached to another package.

How should I prepare my pallet?
It is important that you ensure you have entered the correct sizes of your pallet and that the goods do not overhang the pallet. All goods must be shrink-wrapped securely to the pallet. We have pallet packaging advice available to assist you with your booking.

Can I send a suitcase?
Yes you can. Please call our customer service team for advice. If sending a suitcase, please be advised that personal items are carried entirely at your own risk. If at all possible, we would recommend that you encase your suitcase in cardboard – if it is not encased in cardboard, it will be down to the discretion of the delivery driver as to whether they collect the item.

When would I need a commercial invoice?
A commercial invoice is required for ALL shipments to/from non-European Union member countries. Your commercial invoice will be provided upon completion of your order and will also be emailed to you along with your shipping labels. Please print 3 copies of the commercial invoice, sign and date each copy and hand these to the driver when he comes to collect your parcel. We would also recommend that you use blue ink.

What are duties and taxes?
Duties and taxes are legal charges which are required to be paid before goods can enter their destination country – these will apply to international shipments originating in or delivering to non-EU member countries. The duties and taxes are imposed by the Government in the respective country and are normally billed to the receiver of the shipment.

Which goods are subject to duty and taxes?
Any goods being shipped to or from a country outwith the European Union member states will be subject to duties and taxes. These duties and taxes will be required to be paid before the shipment can be cleared for entry into the country. Duties and taxes will normally be billed to the receiver of the shipment.

Do you offer Loss/Damage Cover?
The standard LogisticsEpress  Loss/Damage Cover covers each consignment up to the value of £60. It is your responsibility to take out additional cover if your item is valued at more than this. You can purchase additional Loss/Damage Cover as part of the booking process. Please note that Loss/Damage Cover does not cover late deliveries. All Loss/Damage Cover is taken out with LogisticsEpress  and not with your chosen carrier. When you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to the LogisticsEpress  Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

The maximum Loss/Damage Cover available covers goods valued up to £10.000. If your item is valued at more than this amount, please contact us and we will be able to advise you on the type of cover available. If your item is particularly valuable and you would like re-assurance of the correct service to use, please contact our customer service team.

How do I make a claim against Loss or Damage?
Claims can be made for missing and damanged consignments only – not for late deliveries. Damaged shipments must be reported to LogisticsEpress  within five working days of delivery and missing shipments must be reported within two working days of the due date. Claims must be submmitted using our ticketing system. Please note: Own Risk and Prohibited items fall outwith the terms of Loss/Damage Cover and any claim made on a shipment containing such items, will be invalidated.

LogisticsEpress  will request additional information including: purchase and sales invoices for the full shipment and / or part of the shipment the claim relates to, along with repair value if possible. You must submit the supporting information within a further three working days. LogisticsEpress  will then process the claim. Claims usually take between four to eight weeks to be fully processed. Usually claims will be settled by LogisticsEpress  in the form of a credit note.