Can I specify a collection time?
When booking a parcel, it is normally collected on the same day up until 6pm. If you miss any cut-off times for same day collection, we will advise you of the next one available.

Do I need to package up my delivery?
Yes, either in a suitable box, padded envelope, or wrapped in suitable paper. Advice on packaging your items can be found here. Please note we cannot collect palettes, crates or unpackaged goods.

Do I need a label for my parcels?
Yes. When completing a booking, you will be able to download and print a waybill, containing delivery information and a barcode, which you should securely attach to your parcel(s).

What if I don’t know how heavy my parcel is?
It is your responsibility to provide accurate information about the dimensions and weight of your parcel(s). Any false or erroneous information will be noted and, upon delivery, OneCouriers will charge you any additional fees incurred, plus an administration charge of £10.